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De releasedatum is gebaseerd op informatie verstrekt door onze leveranciers en kan mogelijk wijzigen

LEATHUR RECORDS Repress, 2nd pressing



- M/C1281-2
- Side A matrix numbers: DK-1004-A PRC-C-1-1 kdisc
- Side B matrix numbers: DK-1004-B PRC-C-1-1 kdisc

- December 1981 and identical matrix numbers as the slightly earlier variant with b/w logo
- 4000 copies. [According to several sources]
- Band name and album title is written in red on the front cover.
- The record labels are white with black lettering.
- Vince's big hair has been fixed on the back cover and on the insert number two, but there is a difference between Vince Neils hair
on the insert of the first press and "second press, insert number one", they are not identical.
- Sunglasses on the back cover.
- Inner paperbag is white with big centerhole.
- The inside of the cover is unbleached and has a light brown natural paper color look.
- Insert photo is a little bit darker than on the third press.
- The 'B' in the matrixnumber DK-1004-B looks like the number 3 if you don't look carefully.

This release came with two different inserts.
In insert number one Nikki Sixx has his arms crossed.
In insert number two Nikki Sixx is pointing his arm straight out .

Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For Love

€ 650,00Prijs
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