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A1 Introduction 1:14
A2 Nappy Heads 4:29
A3 Blunted Interlude 6:49
A4 Recharge 5:10
A5 Freestyle Interlude 1:08
A6 Vocab 5:02
A7 Special News Bulletin Interlude 0:21
A8 Boof Baf 5:09
A9 Temple 4:03
B1 How Hard Is It? 3:53
B2 Harlem Chit Chat Interlude 0:50
B3 Some Seek Stardom 3:42
B4 Giggles 4:21
B5 Da Kid From Haiti Interlude 1:00
B6 Refugees On The Mic 4:58
B7 Living Like There Ain't No Tomorrow 4:00
B8 Shouts Outs From The Block 9:16

Fugees - Tranzlator Crew

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